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Search Engine Optimization: A History of traffic

The Birth of an Industry and a Mindset

I was one of the lucky few that witnessed both the early years and timely death of Search Engine Optimization as a method for acquiring traffic.

For me it all started in 1999, I just had finished my first real business site. I fired up the modem, went to AltaVista and starting searching for information on how to get a website to show up in a search.

After a few days I found a small forum of webmasters who where devoted to the art of search engine optimization.

I found a new home were I would spend countless hours, sharing ideas and theories with a group only known by their aliases.

Traffic: The Key to Success?

Damn the Torpedos, build for the search engines

For the next decade, webmasters and website owners alike, were so obsessed with building sites that ranked high in the search engines, we almost forgot what the true purpose of a website was.

All we knew was if we pushed more users to a site; there was a greater chance that something good would happen. We did this even if the site wasn’t very good at communicating with its users.

2011: The SEO Death Spiral

Pandas & Peguins: The end of an era

There came a time when Google was simply fed up with webmasters manipulating search results for “Google’s” users.

So they aggressively rolled out a continuous stream of algorithm changes that one by one dismantled the effectiveness of the techniques SEO’s had been using for years.

Notice I used the word “effectiveness”. Some of the old techniques still work to a degree, but can no longer be considered the Key to Success.

SEO is History; What About Today?

Google actually wants to send you qualified leads

Google’s goal is to provide its users quality relevant results to their searches. They want to create, maintain and grow a satisfied user base that in turn attracts advertisers.

This is the digital version of a traditional newspapers’ advertising model. The main difference between the two is that Google is not providing the content, you are.

Think of yourself as a reporter for a newspaper, you write and submit a story, the editor reviews the piece and decides if it is worthy of publication.
This time Google is your editor.

Welcome to Age of Analytics

Understanding what Google thinks about your website

Google knows quite a lot about your web site, most importantly what users think of it. If you don’t currently have Google Anayltics’ running on your website, put that on the top of your to-do list.

Wouldn’t you like to know what Google thinks of your website?

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