Who Is William Lewis?

My Professional Story

William Lewis

Bill started his Web Development business in 1999 after being Operations Manager of a production facility for the second largest commercial printer in the U.S.

Each month he and a group of other Operations Managers gathered in Milwaukee for a review of their individual financials by a company Vice President.

He learned a lot about maximizing profits, and he carried that business-savvy, bottom-line approach with him when he launched his own business.

In his own business, he quickly realized that just putting up a website wasn’t fulfilling his clients needs and goals.
“To become successful, I have to help my clients be successful.”

By 2002, he was the presiding SEO expert on an online forum for eCommerce store owners.
Bill recognized a need for, and developed a personalized training program for the store owners.
Many of these owners employed his various services and were able to double their sales in just a few months.

One of his early clients was a part-time furniture manufacturing business operated by a couple out of their garage. Bill initially created a simple “brochure” site for them.

Soon after the launch, the website was discovered by a New York Times writer, who said the Times would be interested in doing a story about it, provided it became a functional eCommerce site before the publication date.

Bill quickly converted the existing site to be eCommerce ready, meeting the Times deadline.
The resulting article provided the client with a major surge in revenue, exactly what they needed to grow their business.

The owners of Sawdust City went full time and moved from their garage to a full manufacturing facility.
After the early boost from the Times, and along with Bill’s ongoing help, that company continues to grow today.

Bill’s clients over the years include over 250 website owners, comprised of eCommerce site owners, consumer & business services ranging from various types of contractors, manufacturers, lawyers, accountants, importers, and non-profits.

My Personal Story

Bill Leskinen
I was named after my uncle Bill and my grandfather Lewis.
As a child, I knew I was in trouble when my mother called me by first and middle name.

I only mention this because there is some irony to be found later in this.

Where Do We Go Now?
One early morning, I stepped out from the entry of a downtown building.
As I stopped & looked both ways, I wondered how I would spend that day.

Just minutes before I had said “so long” to my job of 15 years.

Schools Out For Summer
I took what was left of that summer off, spending time with our two young daughters and tearing down an old barn, a victim of a storm .
It was a summer without schedules or worries, like the ones of my boyhood.

Fall came too early, the barn was gone and the kids went back to school.
That fall was different than ones of the past; there was no place to go back to.

I went online, in search of a new beginning.

Name Dropping
After building a couple of websites, I had the “I can do this for a living” moment.
Then with my wife Denise at my side, we mapped out what soon would become our future.

Every business needs a name and it’s only a blank line on the DBA form.
I thought up a couple dozen really bad names and couldn’t decide which one was worse.

So my wife and her band of grade school mothers coined the name for the business.

William Lewis Web Development
A business named after a child in trouble with his mother.

mobile_phone 952-404-2421

A Story: Three men met in a bar

Looking for Experience?

My clients over the years include over 250 website owners.

Comprised of many ecommerce, consumer & business service companies and also non-profit organizations.


Moderator & Editor
Moderated the Ecommerce forum at WebMasterWorld.com an online forum which members share and gain knowledge in the operation and promotion of a website.

Directory Editor
Open Project Directory
Early online directory staffed by volunteers that were experts in their fields.

Infrastructure Provider
The Apache Software Foundation
The foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects.
Donated data hosting services and bandwidth to the foundation.

Fundraising Volunteer
American Cancer Society

Committee Member
Buckhorn Days
Organizer for our local festival for 5 years

Contributing Member
Lions Clubs International

Board member
Long Lake Chamber of Commerce
Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce

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