Upload a Video to YouTube

Prep Video for Upload

  • Rename the file name of the video
    • Change the file to match the title of the video
  • Add file information to the video
    • Right click on the video file; Select properties >
  • Select the [Details] tab >
    • Enter the [Title] for the video >
    • Enter the description [Subject] of the video >
    • Enter keywords [Tags] that represent the video >
    • Enter the [Author] name of person who directed/wrote the video
    • Enter the date [Date taken] the video was taken or when editing was completed

Upload a Video to YouTube

  • Select the [Underlined up Arrow] icon at the top of [My channel] & [Customize Channel ]
    • Choose the videos privacy settings >
    • In the first text field; Enter the title for the video >
    • In the second text field; Enter the description for the video >
    • In the third text field; Enter keywords [Tags] that best represent the video >
    • The selection of a playlist and adding a custom thumbnail can be completed later
    • Once the video upload has completed; Select [Publish]

*NOTE: For default upload settings; select [CREATOR STUDIO] > [CHANNELS] > [Upload Defaults]

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