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Make the phone ring off the hook

There is a process to making this happen; here are a few of the basic steps.

  • Define your market
  • Map effective sale verticals
  • Define measuring systems
  • Acquire content
  • Compile, develop & launch

If this seems a little abstract and difficult to follow, it’s really not.

My wife and I have a few errands to run, why don’t you tag along?

Plumbers, Painters, and Carpenters

Defining your market

When we walk into our local Home Depot, I ask myself, ” What am I today? “
My likely answer is plumber, painter or carpenter, I don’t do electric.

Depending on my project that weekend, we have a good idea where to go, be it paint, plumbing or lumber.

They do not label the departments as trades, but that is exactly who these departments serve.

You know your markets; does your website convey that?

Follow the Leader

Mapping effective sale verticals

Where are the faucet washers? “That would be Aisle 31, right this way.”

In Aisle 31 everything is neatly organized and grouped by particular plumbing tasks. My wife points out the shiny new faucets, which happen to be right next to the washers.

The friendly employee did a great job of directing us to what we needed and answering my questions. What I really liked was he talked in a language I could easily understand. He spoke plumbing on my level.

Are your prospects led, or are they wandering about?

Reading the Fine Print

Defining measurement systems

My wife is going through her usual ritual of reading the ingredient list of anything she picks up. “Nope, too many additives” & “I can’t believe it contains, etc . . .”

Passing the time, I glance from the top to the bottom of the product display.
The products at eye level hold the fanciest boxes and carry the highest prices. On the bottom are the generics, in plain Jane boxes with rock bottom prices.

In the car on the way home, I blurt out my observations, as if I had made some major discovery. My wife turns to me and says “you know there are studies written that detail how stores arrive at their final layouts.”

Do you have valuable, meaningful information at your finger tips?

End of the Road

More steps to outline, more stories to tell

If you need someone experienced, to walk with you through this entire process and actually make it work to your advantage, feel free to give me a call.

I would enjoy meeting you and becoming a part of your project.wrench


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