Five YouTube Ranking Factors

Watch Time Factor

Expected Watch Time Per Impression

  • Impressions / Watch Time = [Watch Time Factor]
    • Increase CTR
      • Thumbnail image
      • Video Title Description
    • Increase Watch Time
      • Content to Title match
      • Audio content interest
      • Visual appeal [Mix moving video, text and graphics]

Required View Factor

Out Perform [Up Next] Competition in a +/- Two Week Period

  • Research search terms for [Up Next] [Top 3 results] video views
    • Lowest Views x 10% = [Required View Factor]
    • Target search terms based up reasonable performance expectations
    • Search Example: Work Related Stress

Search Relevancy Factor

Title to Search Matching

  • Title Optimization [ 2 Part ]
    • Search Phrase Match + Emotional Trigger = Optimized Title
    • Example: Work Related Stress: Shed Work Stress for a Stress Free Weekend

Average View Duration Factor

Contributes to the [Watch Time Factor]

  • Keep viewers engaged through the view
    • Visual appeal [Mix moving video, text and graphics]
    • Interesting content
    • Throughout the video, refer to upcoming content within the video

Best Practices

  • Tags
    • Common video tags allows Google to understand theme of the channel
    • Include the channel name in the tag
  • Playlists
    • Create an [Official] Video playlist [Playlist > Edit > Settings]
      • Channel must be verified
      • Videos must be upload from the Channel
      • Videos in an Official playlist are exclusive to the list
  • End Screens
    • Most recent videos
    • Best for view

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