Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Three Men Meet in a Bar

Mark the wealthy businessman is sitting on the center stool, to left of him is Fred the hapless inventor and to the right, Bill the nerdy online marketer.

Mark says with a sigh, “All the noise from the traffic is driving me crazy, not to mention they must have moved the flight path directly over my house.”
Mark continues to say, “I would pay anything for a little peace a quite.”

Fred’s head snaps to the right, you could almost see the wheels turning in his head. Bill continued to sip his beer, disinterested.

The Next Friday Afternoon

Same place, same stools.

Fred turns to Mark and says, “I think I can build a solution to your noise problem.” He continues to talk about miking incoming sound, reversing sound waves and playing them back through speakers to cancel the incoming sound.

This time, both Mark and Bill are listening with great attention.
Mark spotting a possible investment opportunity says he might be interested in funding this product as a project.

Now you can see Bill’s wheels turning, as he thinks “There might be a place for me in this project!” Bill interjects and says he could find out if there was anything currently like it out in the market and put together a research plan to test demand among other things.

Mark asks Fred to put a prototype together, and Bill to outline his plan.
It has become an official project and all are on board.

A Month Passes

Mark’s Downtown Office

Fred walks in to the conference room grinning ear to ear, and proceeds to plop his laptop down on the table.
In less than a minute they are watching a YouTube video of Fred and a curious mass of equipment he must have purchased at Goodwill.

The video is full of background noises, Fred points to the source, a steady stream of cars, trucks and everything else on wheels.
Fred walks up to one of his black boxes, flips a switch and . . . . Silence!

Stunned, Mark and Bill turn to each other with slacked jaws. Fred looks like he is on a NASA launch pad ready for take-off!
After Mark and Bill have slapped poor Fred’s back raw and much excited conversation, everyone is able to sit down again.

The Research Marketing Plan

Bill puts large tabbed binders in front on both Mark and Fred.

The binders contain a market breakdown; one is high end homeowners located next to busy freeways, or other high noise areas.
There is a map of the metro, with circles over the areas these homeowners live in.

There are examples of webpages sales funnels specifically designed for this market, Google ads that will be used to PULL people to the funnels.
Data that will be collected and their measurement points, methods of data collection, and details how the resulting data will look once compiled.

Each market, high end home contractors, distributors etc. . . has their own sections containing similar material. It explains how they will PUSH & PULL this market to the funnels they create.

Two minutes into his presentation, he notices glazed looks in both Mark’s and Fred’s faces. They are someplace else, not even in the same building.

The mutually decide to go to the corner and have a beer and proceed to talk wildly about the future. They will discuss the details of market research plan at later date.

The End of The Story

Actually there is no end to the story, I will leave the rest up to your own imagination. [Based on actual stories]

As you read this, I am involved in real life versions of this story, and I tell you it’s an exciting place to be.

If you need some help making your project a success, please give me a call.

I promise I won’t just sit there sipping my beer.wrench


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